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Pregnancy Dreams

Pregnancy dreams can be bizarre and vivid. What was your wildest or most memorable pregnancy dream?

A few weeks ago, I had a dream that the baby in my belly was a squirrel! Not a cute and cuddly squirrel; a vicious, out of control little beast. I admittedly have some anxieties about having a boy that I’m working on and definitely feel like that dream was a manifestation of those feelings. Although pregnancy dreams can be a funny, realistic escape from reality (I had a lot of good laughs over my squirrel baby) there are studies showing that pregnant people can have over twice as many “bad” dreams than their non-pregnant counterparts. A big reason can be the stress and anxieties of pregnancy coupled with sleep changes or challenges that reduce our deep sleep states, making us more aware of our dreams.

If your vivid dreams are a nuisance, here are some tips for a good nights rest:

  • Start a dream journal to help you work through the meanings.

  • Practice healthy habits during the day to promote good sleep: exercise, limit stimulants, get fresh air, practice mindfulness or meditation, eat well.

  • Try to get adequate sleep and stick to a good sleep schedule.

  • Make your sleep space comfortable and conducive for a good nights rest.

  • If your dreams too frequently interrupt your sleep due to being too vivid, talk to your doctor or therapist.

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