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Pregnancy Heartburn & Indigestion

Have you suffered from pregnancy related heartburn or indigestion? With all of your organs being squished, kicked and slowed down, it can be truly uncomfortable. It is usually an issue that starts creeping up more and more during the second and third trimester as your uterus grows, giving less and less space to your other organs.

There are ways to manage it!

  • Watch out for trigger foods or drinks

    • Keep track of your diet to see if there are any patterns with indigestion. Some typical things to look out for are caffeine, spicy or greasy foods. (Some people even say to avoid chocolate, but I will suffer in vain before giving up chocolate!)

  • Try not to let yourself get too hungry or too full

    • Either of these things can cause stomach acids to back up into the esophagus, giving that infamous burning sensation in the throat and chest. It is best to adjust to small, frequent meals without drinking during meals as this just takes up more space in your already squished stomach.

  • Sit upright while eating and give yourself at least an hour or more after eating before laying down

    • It is a good practice to also use an extra pillow or prop your mattress up on an incline to keep the stomach acids flowing down in the right direction. Another tip for sleeping, is to lay on your left side, due to the shape of the stomach this helps stomach acids move in the right direction.

  • Unless otherwise indicated, keep moving during pregnancy!

    • Physical movement, walking, exercise, yoga, swimming, etc, all help to keep the digestion process moving along.


What about when it is too late and it you are already suffering? There are so many remedies, some surprising:

  • Almonds were my best friend during my first pregnancy!

  • Although some say to avoid citrus fruits, pineapple and papaya have been helpful due to their digestive enzymes.

  • Would you try milk mixed with honey to soothe the burn? The American Pregnancy Association suggests warm milk mixed with honey could help!

  • The cold, soothing probiotics in yogurt have been known to provide relief.

  • Ginger. Ginger ale. Ginger Tea. Ginger Chews. Ginger any way you like it! The stomach tending magic of ginger could help your indigestion.

  • Try chewing some sugarless gum, this is suggested to increase saliva production which can neutralize stomach acids after eating.

Of course, there are also over-the-counter and prescription options if these methods just aren't cutting it. Always speak to your prenatal provider for the best options for your situation!

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