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Bringing Home Baby

Newborn Care & Postpartum Planning Class

This personalized 3 hour, in-home class is tailored personally for your growing family.

  • Gain confidence in your knowledge and skills to bring home baby!

  • Get familiar and comfortable with YOUR infant equipment in your own space.

  • Create and clarify plans for the postpartum period and infant care.


Infant Care

Learn the answers to commonly asked questions and skills to feel confident and educated on caring for your newborn.

  • Soothing techniques

  • Swaddling

  • Bathing

  • Feeding

  • Diapering

  • Burping

  • Typical newborn sleep

  • Basic newborn health

  • Behaviors

  • Appearance

Postpartum Planning

Clarify and plan for the postpartum period. Topics we will discuss:

  • What to expect and planning for recovery

  • Family roles

  • Support systems

  • Visitation preferences

  • Feeding goals

  • Parental leave and work expectations

  • Rest, sleep and nutrition

  • Pediatrician selection

  • Resources and services

Custom, In-home

The ability to have this course within your own home is invaluable! We will work within your environment, with the items you have for baby:

  • Your car seat and stroller functionality

  • Introduction to your breast pump

  • Baby carriers

  • Bathing in your environment

  • Create breastfeeding and/or diaper "stations"

  • Nursery check

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