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Postpartum Concierge Nurse

Your own personal in-home RN providing emotional and physical care for baby and the postpartum person.

Why choose an In-home Newborn Nurse?


Bringing your newborn home is a fundamental change for your life, relationships and body, whether it is your first or last baby! It is a beautiful, exciting time, but it can also be a time of uncertainty, exhaustion and stress. A licensed Mother/Baby and NICU RN, with postpartum and birth doula training will come to your home, bringing you the best of both worlds in your transition and recovery with your new baby. Skilled nursing combined with a holistic, well-rounded background, provides your family with a custom, concierge nursing service to serve your growing family in the ways that are needed for you.


• Skilled RN • Postpartum Recovery Support

Night Nurse & Overnight Care • Daytime Care •  Lactation Support • Postpartum Planning • Post Surgical Care • Postpartum Doula • Support With Multiples

• In-Home Newborn and Postpartum Education •

Birthing Person

After childbirth, it is very common for all focus to shift to the newborn, but for us, our top priority is the recovery and wellbeing of the postpartum person

  • Needs are met

  • Questions answered

  • Feels supported

  • Prioritize rest and recovery from vaginal or C-section delivery

    • Education and support of perineal care, incision care

    • Breast care for breastfeeding, pumping or formula feeding


Infant Care

  • Model infant care and provide education

  • Diapers, swaddling, comforting, bathing skin-to-skin, bonding, “normal” behaviors

  • Support and assist with infant feeding (breast/chest feeding or formula feeding)

  • Care for the infant to allow parents to rest and self-care

  • Honor parenting choices and support with evidence-based information


Other Family

  • Make sure other parent and/or grandparents are educated

  • Encourage others to be involved in mother/baby care

  • Nurture and include siblings in infant interactions and care



  • Assistance to reframe responsibilities in new family dynamic

  • Light housekeeping

  • Running errands

  • Wash baby clothes, bottles/pump parts


Benefits & Role

A postpartum concierge nurse is your own personal caregiver and educator for all things related to recovery of the postpartum body and infant care. As an experienced RN, and trained postpartum doula your caregiver is familiar with typical and unusual behavior and conditions for the post-birth body and newborn. They are also trained and aware of signs to support when referral is needed to healthcare professionals.

The nurse’s role is not to take over responsibility of the infant, but to make the transition after childbirth easier by supporting the recovery period and providing support and education where it is needed

Non-biased emotional, physical and informational support during the postpartum period

Provide resources when support requires a health professional or clinical assessment

Provide evidence-based resources and information to encourage families to make decisions that reflect their values and needs

Educate on newborn care and typical characteristics

Support physical and emotional healing and well-being for the birthing person 

Non-judgmental, open opportunities for caregivers to express feelings and emotional concerns

  • Packages come with unlimited text support with response within 24 hours

  • You can choose your sessions to include accompaniment to a postpartum or pediatric appointment to assist with the baby, advocate with you or help to navigate care.

  • We do not diagnose medical conditions or prescribe medications. We can suggest and assist with coordination of care with your provider or other resources

  • Packages can be customized to your needs, if you don’t see what you are looking for, please reach out!

Lesbian Couple with Baby

Don't need in-person, hands-on support, but still want the benefits of the expertise, resources and convenience of your own personal postpartum and infant care support professional?

Postpartum Coaching

Check out our 


Contact for booking inquiries or for a free 20 minute discovery call to determine the services that will be best for your family

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